Please check my short Japanese paragraph translation! Thank you! Journal with penpal's translation: <He's learning English> 今日は草野球の練習に行ってきました^^ I went to the baseball practice today. 仕事が終わってからの練習だったので、とても疲れました;; It was after a day’s work practice. I’m so tired. でも、バッティング練習ではとてもいい打球が飛んだので気持ち良かったです However, I enjoyed it in batting practice is a very good ball flew. 今度の試合のために、また練習したいと思います^^ For the next game, I would like to practice again^^ My translation: Today, I went to baseball practice. Because the practice was after a day's work, I am very tired. I enjoyed batting practice because I hit the ball well. (??) For the next game, I want to practice again. Thank you so much!
May 18, 2010 2:53 AM
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Try and put it into more natural English. Would you really say "Because the practice was after a day's work, I am very tired" when you are speaking? Try something like this I guess: I went to baseball practice today. It was after I finished work so I'm really tired. Batting practice was good however, I managed to hit the ball really well. I want to practice again for the next game.
May 18, 2010
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