Please help with my short Japanese paragraph translation! He <Japanese penpal who is learning English> wrote: 今日は久しぶりに漫画喫茶に行きました。 I went to the comic book cofe after a long time today. 最近の漫画喫茶は、ここに暮らせるんじゃないかと思わせるくらい豪華な設備がたくさんあります。 Recent comic book cafe has a lot to luxury amenities to give somebady the impression in live here . お風呂もあるし、使い捨て歯ブラシや髭剃りもあります。 There are bath, disposable toothbrushs and a shaver. もちろん、食事もたくさんありました。 Of course, there are a lot of kinds meal . なので、そこでカレーライスを注文しました^^ So, I ordered a curry and rice. まあ完全にレトルトでしたが、420円にしては量も味も良かったです。 Well, This was a retort it absolutely. But it was good taste and quantity the rate of the 420 yen. 後は、ずっとワンピースを読んでました^^ After that I all the whole read a One peace. やっぱりワンピースは面白い^^ One peace is as cheerful as ever interesting. 今度は、別の漫画を読みに、また行きたいと思います。 The next time. I want go again that to read other comics. My translation: I went to the comic book cafe after I hadn't visited in a long time. ?? <Something about giving people the impression he lives there> ??? have a bath, disposable toothbrushes, and razors And, they have lots of kinds of food/meals. I ordered a curry rice. ????? The taste and amount were good for only 420 Yen. After that, I read an entire volume of One Piece. Surely, One Piece is interesting. Next time, I want to go again to read other comics. Is my translation okay, or totally confusing? Thank you so much! ^-^ Yep. "Retoruto" is apparently like vacuum-packed food in a pouch... <Packed with a "retort machine", hence the name...> And, "yappari" always makes me think of "Wakaretemo Suki na Hito"... <A difficult word to translate, though....> Thank you so much for your help! ^-^
May 18, 2010 3:33 AM
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今日は久しぶりに漫画喫茶に行きました。 I went to the "manga coffee shop/manga cafe" for the first time in a long time today. (there isn't really any English for 漫画喫茶) 最近の漫画喫茶は、ここに暮らせるんじゃないかと思わせるくらい豪華な設備がたくさんあります。 Something like: The facilities are so good at "modern manga cafes" that it makes you think to yourself "hey, I could live here". お風呂もあるし、使い捨て歯ブラシや髭剃りもあります。 This sentence adds information to the previous one, listing the reasons someone could live at the manga cafe. もちろん、食事もたくさんありました。 Of course there is lots of food as well. なので、そこでカレーライスを注文しました^^ So, I ordered a curry and rice. まあ完全にレトルトでしたが、420円にしては量も味も良かったです。 (I don't know what レトルト is, but I guess it's some kind of food sealed in a bag or similar, instant food I guess...) The food may have been "retoruto", but it was 420 yen, there was plenty of it and it tasted good so I was happy. 後は、ずっとワンピースを読んでました^^ After that I spent the whole time reading one piece. (it doesn't say anything about reading only one volume) やっぱりワンピースは面白い^^ やっぱり is a very difficult word to translate. If we know one piece is interesting, and then when we read it it is interesting like we expect we can say やっぱり面白い。 (Just like I thought/just as expected), one piece was good. How you translate やっぱり always changes depending on the situation, the word doesn't exist in English so it's difficult to learn. 今度は、別の漫画を読みに、また行きたいと思います。 Next time I wanna go again and read some other manga.
May 18, 2010
今日は久しぶりに漫画喫茶に行きました。 I went to the comic book store for the first time in a (long) while. お風呂もあるし、使い捨て歯ブラシや髭剃りもあります。 There's a bath, shaver, and disposable toothbrush. なので、そこでカレーライスを注文しました^^ So I had curry and rice. 後は、ずっとワンピースを読んでました. Afterwards I read "One Piece". やっぱりワンピースは面白い. "One Piece" is still interesting. 今度は、別の漫画を読みに、また行きたいと思います。 I'd like to go there again and read some different comics. もちろん、食事もたくさんありました。 And there's a large variety of meals.
May 18, 2010
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