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What happens in your town early in the morning? How does it wake up?
May 19, 2010 12:27 PM
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It was really weird, you won't believe what happened, there was an incredible coincidence ... guess what... not a clue? ok, EVERYONE OPENED THEIR EYES ! wow... awesome !!!!! =D (don't kill me )
May 19, 2010
they just get out of bed
May 19, 2010
the people on my place started at 5:30 am.the first thing that you can hear is the noise of those chicken if you go out side you can see some farmers gathered around talking each other,you can smell a burning dry leave while are still in bed it was a clue that most of your neighbor's are already awake,then you hear a voice of man shouting selling bread, thats how morning stared to us. cowboy...
May 20, 2010
Hi... Usually I can hear some birds singing... then I realize I have to wake up...
May 19, 2010
Dogs start barking and people start jogging ,then walking their dogs.
May 19, 2010
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