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What is American food? Is it healthy? Explain. This question is not for Native Speakers.
May 19, 2010 5:37 PM
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The cuisine of the United States is a style of food preparation derived from the United States of America. The cuisine has a history dating back before the colonial period when the American Indians had a rich and diverse cooking style for an equally diverse amount of ingredients. With European colonization, the style of cookery changed vastly, with numerous ingredients introduced from Europe, as well as cooking styles and modern cookbooks. The style of cookery continued to expand into the 19th and 20th centuries with the influx of immigrants from various nations across the world. This influx has created a rich diversity and a unique regional character throughout the country. it is tastefull .....
May 21, 2010
In short: no friend! The cuisine here in the states is NOT renown for its healthiness or originality. We always classify certain foods as "all-American" such as hot-dogs, apple-pie, and coca-cola. This is stuff that you're likely to see at a Fourth-of-July picnic (when America celebrates its anniversary of independence) or, in the case of the apple-pie, at Thanksgiving Dinner. Hardly any of our cuisine is uniquely our own; it's all relics of the countries of which our citizens have immigrated from. Spaghetti's a favorite, but it's originally of Italy (or 12th century China, whichever.) Same goes for pizza (an EXTREMELY popular commodity here!!! My dinner last night in fact!) Like I said, most things you'd find on a menu at any garden-variety American restaurant are not our own creations :)
May 19, 2010
The food in the US can be very good and very healthy. YOU just have to make the right choices. If you avoid fried fast food, sugary sodas and in general the volume you eat, plus do some exercise you will stay healthy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with good ol' McD - once in a while it's no problem at all.
May 24, 2010
Northamerican food is well-known as 'fast food' because of its marketing. If I think about Northamerican food Mc Donald and Coke come to my mind without doubt. I have seen many documentaries about it, and they always say 'the way they eat is not healthy'. Miami is a good example, where people are overweight because of the food they take. Lots of fat, fizzy drinks, alcohol, neither do much physical activities nor rest enough. Thanks to this question I have been searching about Nortamerican food and I could notice the dishes are full of meat or flour, like a ham hock (sounds delicious) or the famous apple pie.
May 20, 2010
We just should change the way we prepare our food. French fries should be baked not fried. Avoid unhealthy fat such as trans-fat and use vegetable fat instead; or if possible, don't use any fat at all. A freshly-made sausage is a better choice compared to a cured sausage, because it uses fresh meat. Cured sausages are high in fat, salt and preservative, and unhealthy, definitely.
May 20, 2010
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