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Is this correct: 난 한국말 못 하면, 너 내가 안 사랑해?
May 20, 2010 5:36 AM
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I'd say '나 한국말 못 하면 너 나 사랑 안 할 거야?' It works without any postpositions. If you use 난 in this context, 난 will come across as 'in my case'. '나 한국말 못 하면 너 나 사랑 안 해?' means 'If I can't speak Korean, don't you love me?' Sounds very strange.
May 20, 2010
unfortunately, that sentence is wrong. it has some grammatical errors on its parts of speech. 난 한국말 못 하면, 너 내가 안 사랑해? 난 한국말 못하면, 너가 나를 안 사랑할 거야? we need to make clear the parts of speeches . ~가 is for subject ~를 is for object. so 내가 (X) 나를(O) that's because the subject of the second sentence is 너 (you). 난 한국말 못하면, 너가 나를 안 사랑할 거야? and, change 너가 into 나는. it's better. when we talk about one's situations or feelings, it's better to use 나는 than 내가. so 난 한국말 못하면, 너는 나를 안 사랑할 거야? p.s 나는 너를 사랑해 = i love you 너는 나를 사랑해 = you love me
May 20, 2010
Yes,when i graduate from colledge i have to make a choice between a english teacher in public school and a translator in private small company.The formal is stable , there is no need to struggle or fighting throughout my lifelong time and at the same time i can only earn a living monthly,while the latter at first will make more money and when i am old enough it is hard to find a job again.I did not know which job i should apply for.
May 20, 2010
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