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What is the best way to remember Chinese characters? Shénme shì zuì hǎo de fāngshì lái jì zhù hànzì?
May 20, 2010 5:20 PM
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Hello baber, You learn them once then repeat reading and using them in sentences continuously to memorize them. If you came across a character, that you think you have seen before, but you can't really remember , check it instantly and try to apply it repetitively in sentences. Make sure you learn new ones and revise the older ones simultaneously. This will assure you the memorization of a greater number of characters on the long run. There is another method to memorize 'hanzi' by memorizing initially the list of radicals, which are the determinants of many hanzi characters. For example the radical 'nv' 女 means 'woman' and is placed at the beginning of many characters to refer to female beings and any words associated with female characteristics for example: 女人 = nvren = woman 女孩 = nvhai = girl 妈妈 = mama = mother 姐姐 = jiejie = old sister 妹妹 = meimei = younger sister 女色= nüse = femininity 女皇 = nvhuang = empress You see all the above characters start with the determinant radical "女“ and do all refer to female beings. Learning the list of radicals containing about 214 radicals will certainly help you memorize a big number of characters easily. Check the list of Chinese radicals here: http://www.chinaknowledge.de/Literature/radicals.html
May 21, 2010
May 20, 2010
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