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How to control your temper? How to forget the unhappy things?
May 21, 2010 7:22 AM
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How to forget the unhappy things: When the unhappy things come to you,, don't feel it! just observe it! and then think about your dreams or happy actions in your life, it helps you to forget something bad. (from meditation knowledge) In my little opinion: We mostly cannot control our temper, it happens suddenly! When we get angry, we do or say something stupid without any control. So,, you should take more attention at yourself, ask yourself that Who i am? What's my mood? .........................blah blah blah something like that. And If it is available in your country? Take an meditation course or do some yoga,,, i think it will help you! Good luck!
May 21, 2010
Take a deep breath and step away from the situation which makes you angry. I find that my patience as a teacher is tested many times during the day by difficult students, yet I have to remain in control of my temper. If you are a teacher, remain calm and say, Your behaviour is unacceptable. If I have to speak to you again, you will sit here at the front by yourself". If the situation continues, say " I have already warned you about your behaviour, now you will make up the time you wasted by doing your work at lunch time/recess/after school etc".
May 21, 2010
relax, do something else.
May 21, 2010
I would just say BE PROACTIVE AND TRY TO RELAX .....
May 21, 2010
I do not understand the idea of "controlling your temper" being mutually exclusive to getting angry. If you haven't gotten angry to begin with, there is no anger to control. In general, it takes a lot to make me angry. I consider this the ability to regulate my internal emotions, not the ability to "control my temper". Are you a thermometer, which reacts to external temperatures, or are you a thermostat, which SETS the temperature? This is the way I look at controlling my internal state. When I do get angry, I am well able to control my actions.
May 21, 2010
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