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What is diffrence in interlock and alarm?
May 21, 2010 1:55 PM
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Interlock => prevent, Alarm ==> notify Need a little context. What is it from? What is the topic? As with the others, I will guess. Maybe it is helpful. An interlock is usually a device that helps prevent accidents. For example, if a big switch turns off Beijing's power, you might install an interlock to prevent it being used accidentally. As when someone might lean against it. Interlocks can be real barriers, extra electronics, other switches, or purely virtual, as in software. The idea is that another action (the interlock) must be done (turned off) first to allow the important or dangerous thing to happen. "Alarm" is a very general word, as suggested by the others. An alarm on the shop exit will sound if the door is opened. To contrast these two, the interlock prevents an action, the alarm sounds if the action happens. Interlock => prevent, Alarm ==> notify In engineering "Alarm" is not always noisy or bad. It can have a general sense of a message. Obviously, an action on an interlock can generate an alarm. "Warning the interlock has been turned off!". Any help?
May 22, 2010
Hi I am not sure if you mean an alarm system or an engineering term. Here are some websites for you # Control Systems engineering - Interlock/Alarm sequence 11 posts - 4 authors As the level further rises or falls a separate system with shutdown interlocks performs interlock actions. Upon increasing level above the alarm value the ... www.eng-tips.com › ... › Control Systems engineering Forum - Cached - Similar Get more discussion results # Fire sprinkler system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Operation - Activation of a fire alarm initiating device, ... The operation of double interlock systems are similar to deluge systems except that automatic ... en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_sprinkler_system - Cached - Similar # Air Handling Unit interlocking with Fire Alarm System? | HOME ... 4 May 2010 ... AHU's are interlocked with the fire alrm system in BMS system. Can someone explain why.Also i have heard that as per ASHRAE not all the ... home-alarmsystems.com/air-handling-unit-interlocking-with-fire-alarm-system - Cached # Security System Manufacturer,Access Control System Manufacturer ... Pragati Electronics - Manuafcturer and supplier of security systems, ... Flameproof Door Interlock System · Flameproof Magnets. Fire Alarm System ... www.pragatielectronic.com/ -
May 21, 2010
interlock - to join or be joined firmly, as by a mutual interconnection of parts. Alarm - warning of an approaching danger
May 21, 2010
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