How To Write hello , how are you,bye, In Hindi?
May 21, 2010 5:22 PM
Answers · 3
hello = Namastey! how are you? = aap kaise hai? / aap kaisi hai? / Tum kaise ho? / Tum kaisi ho? bye! = Alvida !
May 21, 2010
hello = नमस्ते ! Namastey! how are you? = आप कैसे हैं? aap kaise hai? आप कैसी हैं? aap kaisi hai? तुम कैसे हो? Tum kaise ho? तुम कैसी हो? Tum kaisi ho? bye! = अलविदा। ! Alvida !
May 21, 2010
Neha you would say, 'Namaste' (for Hello), "aap(You) kesse(How) hai(are)", "Namaskar(Bye)" in hindi. I am Rocky from india aand i am learning english.
May 21, 2010
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