how will i start to learn korean.?what lesson should i take first.?
May 22, 2010 11:23 AM
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i think, first, learn some useful words, and say them to your korean friends in italki,, it will make you some good feelings;) and you should be able to read in Korean,, so learn Korean script,, it's very important. and then just go to the GRAMMAR! when you are learning grammar,, always practice your grammar with your Korean language partners ;) it will help you to learn them well, because Korean grammar is a little bit complicated :) Good luck to your studies :)
May 22, 2010
Hi! = An-yŏng-ha-se-yo. Good morning!= An-yŏng-hi ju-mu-shŏ-ssŏ-yo? / An-nyŏng-ha-se-yo? Good evening!= Shik-sa-ha-shŏ-ssŏ-yo? / An-nyŏng-ha-shŏ-ssŏ-yo? How are you? = Chal ji-nae-shŏ-ssŏ-yo? I'm fine, thanks!= Ne. Chal ji-nae-ssŏ-yo Good night!= An-yŏng-hi ju-mu-se-yo! Good bye!= An-nyŏng-hi ga-se-yo! Nice to meet you!= Man-na-sŏ ban-gap-ssŭm-ni-da! What's your name? = I-rŭ-mi ŏ-ttŏ-k'e dwoe-se-yo? My name is ...= Chŏ-nŭn.....i-e-yo Good luck! = Hang-u-nŭl bim-ni-da! Happy birthday! = Sang-il ch'u-k'a-ham-ni-da! Happy new year! = Sae-hae-bok ma-ni pa-dŭ-se-yo! Merry Christmas!= Me-ri k'ŭ-ri-sŭ-ma-sŭ! Congratulations!= Ch'u-k'a-dŭ-rim-ni-da! Good night and sweet dreams!= Dwae-ji-kkum kku-se-yo! What Is This? = I-ge mwŏ-ye-yo?
May 22, 2010
Personally as a fellow learner of korean i HIGHLY suggest you learn the Korean alphabet. After that i suggest you learn the basics (hello,good bye, i want, i need,etc.) here is a site that was a real help for me i hope it will help you.!! http://www.genkienglish.net/speakkorean/
May 23, 2010
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