Jeremy Lee
新概念三册水平,求助英语阅读材料. 我在自学英语,刚学完新概念3册.词汇量觉的不够.我想买些阅读材料来继续提高我的英语水平.请问通过阅读可以扩展词汇量吗? 哪些阅读材料比较适合我呢? 如何能过阅读才能有效的提高英语水平? 谢谢!
May 23, 2010 1:38 PM
Answers · 1
我建议用图片,一个好的翻译字典许多的书,书与你的理解的适当水平的文字。 这是一个怎样的教训和开始懂得法语。我慢慢地读更多的是更复杂的材料。 由于儿童,这也是我们学习如何快速阅读。 I would suggest many books with pictures, a good translation dictionary, and books with the appropriate level text for your understanding. This is how a learned and began to understand French. I slowly read more an more complicated material. As children this is also how we learn to read quickly.
May 23, 2010
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