What is the difference between Chinese simplified and Chinese traditional? Is it the dialect, or written part? Thanks for your answers I see now it`s partly region and partly making things simplerso if I want to learn Chinese it would be best to learn simplified... thanx
May 23, 2010 3:16 PM
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The written part. Simplified characters are reduced in complexity. Simplified characters are used in the People's Republic and Singapore while Taiwan (Republic of China), Hong Kong and Macau still use traditional characters. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chinese_characters
May 23, 2010
Exactly we use more often Simplified characters ,just like the city where i lived we use it, almost of chinese cities same also !
May 23, 2010
Not dialect itz just a written part.but most of chinese use Chinese simplified cuz its really simple to write.LOL
May 23, 2010
Yes, 中国 (traditional Chinese) and 中國 (simplified Chinese) are two different written representations of the same thing. People in Mainland China usually write in the simplified form, and people from Taiwan write in the traditional form. People who write in different forms of Chinese can still communicate orally, but it can take some effort to get used to reading the other version. There more foreigners learning simplified Chinese nowadays because it is most used Chinese version in the world. Regardless what version you choose, I hope you will enjoy learning chinese, 加油!!
May 24, 2010
Well... Not necessarily simpler. You still see some traditional characters in China. They are used when it should look more ancient. Traditional. In calligraphy no one would use simplified characters. In daily life there are only a few. By seeing them frequently you will get used to them. for example China (zhong guo): simplified 中国, traditional 中國
May 23, 2010
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