is it possible to eliminate poverty?
May 23, 2010 7:51 PM
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well I think yes yes yes why not ? - every thing is possible in this world isn't it ? do you know what is the main problem of the poverty in my country ? I will tell you , cuz the officials in the government are taking the moneys for themselves , and when u ask what about the folks rights ? ohhh folks ! they are nothing of course in their opinions :S see ! I promise u if I could change the government in the future so there won't be poverty in my country anymore hehehe xD
May 23, 2010
Simple answer, NO!
May 24, 2010
Poverty won't be eliminated until corruption and bribery are eliminated
May 23, 2010
Yes, with inflated optimism and one step at a time; if there's a possibility of poverty staying, there is also a possibility of eradicate it. Ok, im on the second team ! I agree with Austin, we have the resources, now we need the willigness to make it happen ! =)
May 23, 2010
No, it is an absolute necessity of evolution that all creatures are NOT equal. There will always be those that thrive and those that struggle. This is the way the world works. However, that is not to say that we cannot work to minimise the number of people that live in poverty.
May 23, 2010
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