How do you talk about feelings? For example: I‘m... (or "I feel"...) sad happy tired okay mad bored ...etc.... In chinese!
May 24, 2010 9:17 PM
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I‘m .............. sad (我很伤心 wo hen shang xin) happy (我很高兴 wo hen gao xing) tired (我累了 wo lei le;我好累啊 wo hao lei a) okay (我还可以 wo hai ke yi;我没事 wo mei shi) mad (我很生气 wo hen sheng qi) bored (我好无聊啊 wo hao wu liao a)
May 27, 2010
一般我们在表达心情或感情的时候,我们可以说, 我快要疯了! 我高兴极了! 我好喜欢! 我不高兴了! 我很伤心! 我快要崩溃了! 我好累呀! 我现在很好! 我烦透了! 真是太糟糕了! 太讨厌了! 好坏呀! 真好! 酷! 你真棒! 太神奇了!还有好多,说不完的
May 25, 2010
我感觉 what what,,,, 你感觉怎么样啊?你感觉如何啊...etc...
May 25, 2010
"i am happy" in Chinese is "wo hen gaoxing" "i feel happy" in Chinese is "wo ganjue gaoxing" with regard to the "sad""tired" etc ,it is the same in the sentence like"wo hen shangxin""wo hen lei" , "sad" is "shangxin" in Chinese ,the "tired"is "laolei" in chinese . i hope what i said makes you understand them. if you have any question .i am glad to answer you. Erick
May 25, 2010
i feel.... like you.
May 25, 2010
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