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Could you explain to me the concepts of "guanxi" and "jiqi" and their grammatical use?
May 25, 2010 7:26 AM
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"guanxi"关系 the same as"relation(ship)" "jiqi" Do you mean"jī qì" 机器? "机器"equals to "mechine",also a n.
May 28, 2010
@ Luis ,do you rather mean yiqi 一起 ? In this case it means: together , alltogether ( in total).
May 26, 2010
关系guān xi means: relationship 及其jí qí means: and its....E.g: 请告诉我“关系”是什么意思及其用法。qǐng gào sù wǒ "guān xi" shì shén me yì si jí qí yòng fǎ.( Please tell me the meaning of " guan xi" AND ITS grammatical use.) 极其jí qí means: very, extremely. More formal than hěn, gèng. .. E.g 两国关系极其微妙。liǎng guó guān xi jí qí wēi miào.(The relationship between these two countries are extremely delicate.) 机器jī qì machine
May 25, 2010
Hello,Luis guan1 xi 关系 means relationship just like yangyang said. For example:Luis and Anna are teacher-student relationship.(Luis 和 Anna是师生关系)----(Luis he2 Anna shi4 shi1 sheng1 guan1 xi). I am sorry it is hard for me to explain the grammar for you. I am also sorry about "jiqi", I don't know what it is, please give the explanation in English, then I can help you! Hope this helps Best Anna
May 25, 2010
guanxi 关系 means relationship for example: I base my guanxi on people from abroad (foreigners). 我的关系建立于国外的人(外国人)。 A guanxi relationship between two persons can develop into a love relationship. 两个人之间的关系可以发展成恋爱关系。 i am not clear what you point about "jiqi",if you can write down the character it will be better for me to answer
May 25, 2010
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