What does 马甲 (ma3jia3) mean? 马甲是什么意思?
May 25, 2010 8:44 AM
Answers · 5
马甲 has a some different means. It might mean a waistcoat. It might also mean fake or visual identity. 这个是我的马甲(我的衣服) 这个是我的马甲账号(Fake identity)
May 25, 2010
马甲 always use in the BBS.means If someone agreed with me so I wanna speak some badly to him so I can apply for a new ID and do that so that he cant know who I am. That means 马甲..
May 25, 2010
一个意思是:一种衣服的类型。 另一个意思是:某人在网络上或者论坛里除了经常使用的主ID之外的其他ID。主ID也叫“大号”,马甲也叫“小号”。
May 26, 2010
shortly,it means id
May 25, 2010
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