can some body tell me what this sentence means "if atop openly any window to not process" can some body tell me in some details what this sentence means "if atop openly any window to not process". I read it from some computer programming paper. And I can't exactly grap the meaning. could any body resolve my question,please
May 25, 2010 9:06 AM
Answers · 1
This sounds like a really bad literal translation by a non-English speaker - trying to understand the meaning is frustrating for us also! I guess it is meant to say, "If any window is open on top, it will not process". So you're probably using something like Microsoft Windows, and "it" is not the open window, but the program running underneath. An open window on top will stop the program running. Does that make sense? It's just my guess! :) Electronics manuals are an excellent source of terrible translations. It sounds like someone looked up each word in a dictionary but didn't write the whole sentence properly.
May 25, 2010
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