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I have qusetion about: Present perfect
May 26, 2010 3:16 AM
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the simple formula for Present Perfect form is: [has/have + past participle] ex: HAVE you EATEN? yes, I HAVE EATEN. ex: I HAVE TRAVELLED around the world. HAVE you ever BEEN to Egypt? You can use the Present Perfect to describe your experience. It is like saying, "I have the experience of..." You can also use this tense to say that you have never had a certain experience. The Present Perfect is NOT used to describe a specific event. ex: •I have never been to France. This sentence means that you have not had the experience of going to France. We often use the Present Perfect to talk about change that has happened over a period of time. ex: •My English has really improved since I moved to Australia. We often use the Present Perfect to list the accomplishments of individuals and humanity. You cannot mention a specific time. ex: •Man has walked on the Moon. visit this site for more info: http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/presentperfect.html :)
May 26, 2010
Hello Khaled, And where is the question? Maybe you just want to know about this tense in particular and when to use it ? The Present Perfect Tense is used to describe actions that started in the near past and are either continuous in the present or JUST terminated at the present time. Those are exactly the cases when you use that tense : When: * There is a connection with the past. He has just finished his meal. * The exact time of the action is not known. We have not known him for very long. * "For" and "since" can be used to state the time of the action. - I have learned English since 4 years. * The action is not completed at the time of speaking/writing. - She has just sent them the email. * The action has been repeated numerous time, and is expected to be repeated in the future. - I have seen him several times in different occasions. The tense is formed by using the auxiliary verb 'have' and the participle of any verb as in : have + done have +finished etc...
May 26, 2010
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