May 27, 2010 3:21 AM
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rival 情敌 n. # Did you tell him you preferred his rival? 你有没有告诉过他你更爱他的情敌? # Their attention and wit were drawn off to his more fortunate rival. 他们的注意力和心机已经转向他那位更幸运的情敌了。 # I want you to know your enemy's sleeping 我要你知道,你的情敌已经睡了 # At courtship time, he waves it to attract females, often with a beckoning movement, or to fight rival males. 求偶期间,雄蟹会挥动大蟹钳,吸引雌蟹注意,或击退情敌。 # Why people think that rivals are better looking than they really are? 为什么人们会觉得情敌比实际上看起来还要好呢? # The story was very charming and interesting, especially at the point when the rivals suddenly recognise each other, and the ladies seemed to be greatly excited by it. 这故事十分动听,饶有趣味,尤其是讲到这两个情敌忽然认出对方的时候,太太们心中似乎都觉得激动不安。 # A Florida judge says Lisa Nowak can remove the monitoring bracelet from her ankle. The former astronaut stands accused of attacking a romantic rival at the Orlando Airport. 一名佛罗里达法官表示,莉萨·诺瓦克可以摘掉踝上的跟踪脚镯。这位前宇航员被指控在奥兰多机场袭击情敌。 # Falling in love with Helen simultaneously makes. 同时爱上海伦使这两个好朋友成了情敌。
May 27, 2010
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