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what is the meaning of "remark"? i some what is the meaning of "remark"? how can it be used ? and a detailed example is needed!
May 27, 2010 10:23 AM
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Normally, a remark is a comment. Your immediate reaction to what you see, hear, etc at that moment. "I remarked how lovely his home is." or "I heard someone remark, 'he could have done better'." One meaning of "mark" is "to notice". A "remark" is, as Rawdah said, actively noticing - usually by commenting. Sometimes you can remark quietly, eg. "I remarked to myself that the oven was dirty." You observed something, and decided it was significant.
May 28, 2010
A small design etched on the margin of a plate and supposed to be removed after the earliest proofs have been taken; also, any feature distinguishing a particular stage of the plate. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A print or proof so distinguished; -- commonly called a Remarque proof. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To mark in a notable manner; to distinquish clearly; to make noticeable or conspicuous; to piont out. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To take notice of, or to observe, mentally; as, to remark the manner of a speaker. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To express in words or writing, as observed or noticed; to state; to say; -- often with a substantive clause; as, he remarked that it was time to go. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To make a remark or remarks; to comment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Act of remarking or attentively noticing; notice or observation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The expression, in speech or writing, of something remarked or noticed; the mention of that which is worthy of attention or notice; hence, also, a casual observation, comment, or statement; as, a pertinent remark. check these sites , it might help you :- http://www.brainyquote.com http://www.thefreedictionary.com http://ardictionary.com
May 27, 2010
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