i want to know more about QQ is it good to get?
May 27, 2010 4:13 PM
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almost every chinese people has their own qq and the people who want to learn chinese also use qq. and it has an international version which is in english,so if you wanna try it,i suggest you to use the english one here is the link of downloading the english version:
May 28, 2010
QQ is really helpful if you'd like to learn Chinese. I am a non-Chinese person but I use the English version regularly and it definitely has a lot of good features compared to yahoo or MSN messengers. Some of the Important features of QQ: - Create your own smileys. Copy and paste any image as a smiley anytime you want. Add any image to your list of smileys. - Take instant screenshots (screen captures) and edit them with text or add shapes like arrows etc., and then paste the screenshot in the chat window - Video Chat. Customize the video with brightness, color tint etc - Voice Chat - Remote desktop assistance, i.e. you can view the desktop of the person you are chatting with (if he or she gives you permission) - Create groups from your list of friends and have a group chat. Add or remove people from the group whenever you need to - Good security features. Does not allow anyone to log into your account from another location (in case they hacked it) etc etc etc URL for International version of QQ: Hope this helps.
May 28, 2010
qq is the same as MSN~~ or Skype
October 22, 2011
yes, we Chinese people use it regularly~
June 4, 2010
QQ online users from 1999 until now has two people to hundreds of millions of customers, more than a million people online. Is the most widely used of the chat software.
May 31, 2010
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