How certainly? How do we know what God likes and what he doesn't?Nika: hichi baba goftam ye soal konam ruhyam avaz she :D
May 28, 2010 1:41 AM
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If you believe in this God do what you would think he would want, if not it`s your choice...
May 28, 2010
To know it,what God like and doesnt like u can learn and read in your religion
May 28, 2010
If we believe in God, we presume many things. We presume that He is the greatest being, which would make our thinking and logic far less than his. We presume that he created all things including the complex molecules and atoms which the best scientist still cannot figure out how they operate. This also makes him far smarter than us and more powerful than us. It also presumes that we are at his mercy and power since he is the greater being. Therefore, we would go to him to find out what he likes and dislikes. From what we know, the Bible is the book that from old has been recorded as the word of God. Therefore, I would start there. Test it and prove it if you will. Furthermore, if you then believe that Jesus was more than a prophet and fulfilled God's promises and prophecies, then take a look at the life of Jesus and see that he was God. See what Christ liked and disliked. Compare the writings of the Bible and try to understand the perspectives of those who knew God and Jesus Christ. Finally, learn to believe in Christ's atonement for sin and then love God. I think you will then have a pretty good beginning to understand what God likes and dislikes.
May 31, 2010
It's hard to say that anything is for certain. I guess nothing's for certain... (I can't help but attempt to correct the grammar errors in the sentence) I'm a writer, so I'm really picky about grammar when I write.
May 28, 2010
I believe in people. I know I do something wrong when the other is sad, angry, bad in a way because of me. Luckily (I think 'God is like a bridge'), we have all our life to mend our mistakes here, we just have to be humble to notice them.
May 28, 2010
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