Do you know what is Bonpo 's meaning? I Just read it,don't know what's meaning.
May 28, 2010 6:32 AM
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Hi, this is what I found on the internet about the Bonpo religion Bonpo is the Tibetan name for the adherents of the Bon religion. The founder of this old religion is Tonpa Shenrab mibo, who was born in the country Zhang Zhung, a previous kingdom situated in the West of today's Tibet. Both Tibet and Dolpo were part of this kingdom. The teachings of Tonpa Shenrab were later distributed throughout Tibet by his adherents. At first sight, the Bon religion seems very similar to Buddhism. A closer look however reveals marked differences. The Bonpo walk around their monuments anti-clockwise, whereas Buddhists pace around them clockwise. The clothes differ mainly through the use of blue colour and a typical white hat with blue stripes. A special ritual bell called shang is used where Buddhists apply a bell with the name drilbu. Also the style of the chants and mantras are different, and the whole iconography, while being very similar, makes use of the corresponding Bonpo gods and goddesses, saints and stories.
May 28, 2010
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