some questions 1. we're off to a good start. what does "off to" means? 2. I have just been bumped up to class, I have just been bumped up to table one. is there other things I can added bechind of "bump up to"? 3. It's hard to trying to juggle a job with kids."juggle" in this sentence means find or fit,which one is correct? 4. you were hurted me, but I'll take you back. does "take back" means forgive? 5.we are hanging in the kitchen.is that means stay in kitchen? 6. I like your clothes, wow, right back at you. I don't understand "right back at you." thank you very much!
May 28, 2010 1:26 PM
Answers · 3
We're off = we're starting, or, we've started i.e. We're starting well/we've started well = We're off to a good start
May 29, 2010
1. It can also mean "going to". eg. I'm off to bed. = I'm going to bed. 2. "Bump up" can indicate a sudden increase as well. eg. They decided to bump up the prices of their products. 3. "Juggle" doesn't mean find or fit. It means to handle several things at the same time. 4. "Take back" here means that I'll accept you again. For example, if a girl said this to her boyfriend, it implies that maybe they broke up for a while, but she's willing to give him another chance. 5. If you say "we are hanging in the kitchen", it sounds kinda awkward. "We are hanging out in the kitchen" is better. "Hanging out" means to spend time doing leisurely activities.
May 28, 2010
"Off to" means like... "on our way" I'd say. It also implies there's more that needs to be said, but isn't mentioned. "We're off to a good start" literally means "We started out good!(Maybe it will get better\worse)" It's hard to explain but you can use it like that. "We're off to Halifax!(To do some shopping)" "Bumped up to" means "Advanced" or "moved up" "We have been bumped up to table one" Means "We have been moved up to table one" It's sort of an 'accomplishment' I'd say. "Juggle" could be used in that sort of sentence but it sounds wierd.. hard Yes "Take back" means forgive :) and finally "Right back at you" means " You too!" like A: You look nice! B: Right back at you! (You look nice too!)
May 28, 2010
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