Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad In this book, what does Marlow's journey to Africa symbolize? and how ? why ? I badly need your own ideas, or you can offer some criticle articles.
May 28, 2010 2:26 PM
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deldar, This is one of my favorite novels in the English language. Here is my interpretation. Captain Marlow tells the story of his trip into the “heart of darkness”. It seems at first that the heart of darkness refers to the dark continent of Africa, that Marlow’s trip takes him to the place of the primitive origins of man. Indeed, as Marlow gets closer to finding Kurtz, the man for whom he is searching, things become more and more savage. He encounters a tribe of cannibals and one of his crew is murdered. It seems that he has found the dark heart of civilization, but that is where the story twists. Kurtz has made himself into the most important ivory trader in the world, but how has he done this? He has turned his business into a religious cult. Kurtz has become the leader of the cannibal tribe.They are worshipping him as a God and providing him with vast quantities of ivory. At this point the reader should realize that the “heart of darkness” is not Africa, but the heart of Kurtz himself, who has broken every moral rule of mankind in order to become rich and successful. Kurtz, who has a German name, and is half-French and half-English, also represents Europe and the “dark heart” of racist colonialism and laissez-faire capitalism.
May 28, 2010
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