if you will travel the world ,how many friends do you want to with?
May 29, 2010 12:42 PM
Answers · 5
Only one, and that should be my best friend :)
May 29, 2010
Totally agree with deep_blue. With my best friend, or maybe my girlfriend (maybe she is my best friend) :)
May 31, 2010
it's better to take a paramour )
May 31, 2010
i think the best is four people , not too many because it will become more difficult to manage, women or men depends on the destination(i mean if i want to go to las vegas are better 4 men). but to achieve the complete freedom you have to be able to travel alone, there are many people that travel alone
May 29, 2010
it depends :) but I prefer many friends cuz it will be more enjoyable .
May 29, 2010
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