Do you believe in telepathy? Thanks for answering.I do really appreciate it. Actually, I think I did have several experiences in my life too.Hmm..who just has sent to me the message "I do believe"? haha
May 29, 2010 7:29 PM
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Alex, Yes, I believe, and I have had such experiences in my lifetime. Scientific studies have shown that some dogs know when their owners are coming home even though: -the dog cannot hear, see, or smell the owner -the owner is miles away from home -the owner is not driving his own vehicle -the owner is coming home at a random time selected by the experimenter These dogs go to the door and wait for their owners without fail, every time.
May 30, 2010
hello of course, i believe in telepathy, it's something so strange and so strong in your mind, that does not have an explanation, it's happening to me so often that sometimes I'm afraid
May 29, 2010
Hi... Wonderful and extremely anxious and contradictive means of communication is known as telepathy. It is referred to as the imagination which is also being referred to as something like hallucination which uses the sixth sense for this purpose. It is present within all but it does not get enough notice for this cause and so we dont get to know about it much. But there are tests to identify and know about our hidden sixth sense which expresses out mainly during emergencies. There are different ways to define telepathy and is expressed in various views. Telepathy is defined as the ability to communicate without using the five senses that is normally used by us such as hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight. The sixth sense that is present in us is considered to be dormant in most of us. Even though is present but hidden in all, at some instance it works out to be of great use for us. Further information about this sense which is trapped or hidden is not known. Even the place where it lies is uncertain but thee are several procedures to know how to use telepathy.
May 29, 2010
Yes, I do. You can develope the skill training an especific chakra.. =)
May 29, 2010
I have had three unexplainable experiences. However, I would have to say I am not the kind of person to "believe" in such things.
May 29, 2010
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