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Is it the Hubei Province or Hubei Province? This is entirely for discussion purpose. The issue is whether a definite article "the" should be used in the above situation. I think "yes". According to the language website the answer is also "yes". Although the explanation given by the website refers to countries (please see below), I think the same applies to provinces or states, You do not use an article before the names of countries except where they indicate multiple areas or contain the words (state(s), kingdom, republic, union). Kingdom, state (province), republic and union are nouns, so they need an article. For example: No article - Italy, Mexico, Bolivia, England Use the - the UK (United Kingdom), the USA (United States of America), the Irish Republic Multiple areas! the Netherlands, the Philippines, the British Isles The link is
May 30, 2010 3:18 PM
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It's "Hubei Province" without "the" - see here: I found web pages which list when and how to use articles with geographical names ^^ has a rule: countries, states, (provinces also?) usually have no article. But to this rule, there are many exceptions. I think, with such problems, it's best to learn many examples by heart to get an intuitive feeling about what's right.
May 30, 2010
But seems people (both Chinese and when foreigners refer to (the) Chinese provinces) are used to saying just 'Hubei' Province, it might be a mistake all along.
May 30, 2010
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September 29, 2010
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