Could you please help me with the meaning of youth entrepreneurial? i really appreciate your help. Firkin’s model of entrepreneurial capital can be used as a device to develop better understandings of youth entrepreneurial success in South Africa. Critical assess this supposition. In this question, does youth entrepreneurial mean the beginning of setting up a new business? what's the youth mean? Is it mean begin or start? Thank you so much for your answer, the article is exactly what i try to find. youth entrepreneurial mean the beginning of setting up a new business or mean young people such as the people who just graduated from university to start a business?
May 30, 2010 4:46 PM
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There is no general agreed definition for this. “Entrepreneurship is the recognition of an opportunity to create value, and the process of acting on this opportunity, whether or not it involves the formation of a new entity. While concepts such as “innovation” and “risk taking” in particular are usually associated with entrepreneurship, they are not necessary to define the term.”
May 30, 2010
Hi have a look here # Junior Journal: Youth Entrepreneurship in South Africa Youth Entrepreneurship, and more broadly Entrepreneurship, is a critical issue to South ... The company has staff representation mainly in South Africa, ... to business has had much success in most eastern countries such as Japan. ... - Cached - Similar # [DOC] Youth Entrepreneurship: Meeting the Key Challenges File Format: Microsoft Word - View as HTML by F Chigunta - Cited by 9 - Related articles Similar evidence from South Africa suggests that the probability of ...... “Catching the Wave: Framework for Youth Entrepreneurship Success”, Canada. ... Motts, N. (2000), “Current Youth Entrepreneurship Practice in Africa: Does it Work ...
May 30, 2010
These are technical terms, and Patrick Firkin discusses them in this article It starts out with "A myriad of approaches has been adopted in order to study and better understand entrepreneurship. From an early focus on the personality of the entrepreneur, there has been a shift to a broader examination of the nature and characteristics of this process (Bygrave and Hofer, 1991). As Morris (1998) observes, resources are a vital part of the entrepreneurial process and a key role of the entrepreneur is to determine, access and employ the necessary and appropriate resources. Importantly, while the “natural tendency is to assume that the principal resource required for any entrepreneurial event is money … the critical resources are typically non-financial” (Morris, 1998:32)." I would understand "Youth" literally here, meaning young people (who start a business).
May 30, 2010
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