What to do if someone sent rude private messages to you I wrote my unhappy experience in this article
May 31, 2010 8:46 AM
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Agghh ... listen to everybody and just ignore him. Im glad to read that you are not freaking out, just looking for a solution. Good for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hug, Jen
May 31, 2010
I have received a few "dubious" friends' requests, and I have both, blocked and reported these "ladies". I find it very annoying, I must admit.
May 31, 2010
Hi Jiang Cheng, Hope you've blocked him! Reporting it is the next thing. There's usually a 'Report Concern' or a 'Flag' link on any page or comment. The email for abuse reports is [email protected] But I suspect you've already done that. I'd only use politeness if there was a misunderstanding - rude people get deserve no response except being blocked and reported.
May 31, 2010
嗨。我只是隨便亂逛,結果給我看到這標題。 首先我想,這就是現實生活中的世界:除了好人之餘,總會存在著某些爛屁股(a**holes / 尻(しり)の穴(あな) / 똥구멍 / trous du cul / Arschlöche / hoyos del culo / buchi del culo ... 等等)。所以,最簡單又直接的辦法,就正如以上其他會員所說的,不要理會它們就好(我特意用「它們」,是因為現在是描述那班「爛屁股」:) 不過,相比這些擺明就是爛屁股的人,現實生活中的偽君子(譬如:說一套做一套的、口蜜腹劍的、又或是表面對妳很好,但其實暗地裡已經準備把妳拿去賣掉的;甚至賣掉妳以後,還要妳幫他[她]數鈔票的人)卻更可怕。所以,「防人之心不可無」,妳總是要懂得保護自己呢。 祝君好運、遠離小人。:) 祝 週末愉快。/ Take care, and good weekend. 補:欸,我剛回去看看妳在肥利克爾(Flickr)貼的附圖,怎麼那傢夥的匿名竟然是 “Anu” (跟 "Anal" 音那麼接近)?!這不就證明他是擺明要做「爛屁股」的嘛。:)
June 4, 2010
unless it comes from people you may encounter in the street and recognize you, complete disregard is enough.
May 31, 2010
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