"Occamishaved" -- can I synthesize this word? Is it competently? So... can i use it as an art expressiveness reception? I dont know, how called this device in english, but it was used by L. Carrol in "Alice in wonderland". In russian leterature it was used by modern writers (ХХ) and called zaum'
Jun 1, 2010 6:18 AM
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Yeah, I've never heard of Occam's Razor myself. Also, isn't it simpler to just say "shaved"?
June 1, 2010
Hi :) Err... no. Synthesising (or, "coining") new English words is a tricky thing, and rarely successful. Most newly-coined words don't survive long. I really don't recommend doing it, even for good native writers. Plus, a poorly-constructed new word is rather embarassing to hear. >_< Clumsy English isn't pleasant at all! But.... if you do want to 'synthesise' this word, here's what I'd do: I understand you're making reference to Occam's Razor; however I think a shaving reference is almost unnecessary, since "Occam" is directly associated with the razor. So it is possible to say "occamised" (or "occamized" if you follow US spelling). Also, not everyone understands Occam's Razor. There is still the problem of having to explain it each time you use it. Which kind of defeats the purpose of creating a new word, doesn't it? ;)
June 1, 2010
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