Ata عطاء
Please help me to understand : (Fill up, fill in, fill out) when we fill a form etc. Some time I find ( fill in the blanks) another time (fill out this form) also (fill up / on) etc. Please tell me when I should use after the word FILL out or on or in or up. These words make me confuse when I write something.. and I don't know which I use in which kind of context. thanks
Jun 2, 2010 8:27 AM
Answers · 2
hello ! Fill something in > to write all the necessary information on an official document or form. Besides, you can use fill out in same way.However fill up is a little bit different. If something fills up, or you fill it up, it becomes full. For example : Did you fill the car up ( with petrol ) ? All the best !
June 2, 2010
In my experience, these phrases are used in the following ways: 1. "fill in" the blank, your name, etc. (used with forms, more specific) 2. "fill in" the form, etc. (used with forms, more general) 3. "fill out" the form, etc. (used with forms, more general) 4. "fill up" the glass with water, etc. (used with liquids, quantity of items, etc.) As you can see, "fill in" and "fill out" are basically the same. "Fill up" is different.
June 2, 2010
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