why do you think our dreams always are killed by the one you love?
Jun 2, 2010 5:27 PM
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I don't give such a power to anyone . (-:
June 2, 2010
In my opinion,it's because we trust our patner too much.. we always give in to whatever the circumstances might be... The love that we had for our patner,is sincere and honest..from the heart.. unconditional love..respect and want him/her so badly..can't live without.. whatever it is..unfaithful,betrayed by our patner,,we get hurt but when we look at bright side.......there's always a reason for what happen..the best is be happy for him/her...not everyone inlove gets what they's all fated..destiny...
June 8, 2010
Hi... I think it is true if you are not enough determined...
June 3, 2010
Is more dangerous mistakes from our friend love than for other person. The reason is because our friend are part of our lifes. But this friends give us hope, love,...etc. If ours friend don´t give us this then we can not consider as friends. And we need to give if we want to recieve. But if always we are giving... we need to change ours friends :)
June 2, 2010
I think that you are attracted to the wrong type of person for you. Find someone who respects you.
June 2, 2010
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