where can I download audios of English dialogs or speeches with scripts? I am looking for audios for listening practice. The difficulty level should be intermediate, length 2 or 3 minutes preferably. The audios should have scripts so that I can look if I cannot make it out.
Jun 3, 2010 6:37 AM
Answers · 3
HESE SITES ARE A GOOD WAY OF IMPROVING YOUR LISTENING SKILLS. Also go to: http://manybooks.net/[/url-http www.gutenberg.org.wiki/Main_Page http://librivox.org/ www.examenglish.com wwwnpr.org/templates/topics http://freeclassicbooks.com www.booksonboard.com www.multilingualbooks.com/pims-english-html FAIRY TALES Fairy Tales by Grimm http://www.familymanagement.com/literacy/grimms/grimms-toc.html YOU CAN WATCH FREE MOVIES AND LISTEN TO SPOKEN ENGLISH WHILST READING THE SUBTITLES IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE at www.itv.com www.free-tv-video-online.info/
June 3, 2010
Hi this site has free audio books http://www.openculture.com/freeaudiobooks
June 3, 2010
youtube.com --->keepvid.com
June 3, 2010
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