Hi I have had it with dating in China. I just gave up what do you think about my thoughts Read it at my blog: http://afine-china.se/plasticlifechina/?p=3
Jun 3, 2010 3:36 PM
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H,i I think that this is a question of different dating expectations between 2 different cultures. The Chinese think very differently about dating than people from western countries. I suggest that you talk to some Chinese guys about it. I agree with Friso, that Italki is not a dating site. Perhaps if you post some of the sentences that you are unsure of how to use in Chinese, Italki members can put you on the right track.
June 3, 2010
Hi,Mikasjoman .I do agree with Jura .Internet is just a virtual stage for us to get all kinds of information ,same as our Italki .Obviously ,it's not a dating site .Maybe u can think about Jura 's advice .Ask a Chinese male for advice .And ,i wanna ,it will be my pleasure to spare my time to help u with this .i 'm staying Sanya now .You can call me or just add me to ur QQ :391357359,Skype:santiago2454 ,or MSN :[email protected] .See you !
June 9, 2010
i agree with what Trish said
June 4, 2010
when i was young Sweden was a mythical land where everybody had the most natural and uncomplexed mentality about relations between the two sexes/genders. Or, it was "legend" or something went wrong during this time.I want to think that young generations will be able to abolish sillyness from the surface of the planet, but, man, many times i feel this is another "legend".
June 3, 2010
i thought the site was about learning a language, i'm not being fatuous here, but it did struck me as strange before as people that knew no mandarine chinese wanted to be my friends... that was not the langauge i wanted to learn! can't wait to read the blog...
June 3, 2010
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