sophie zeng
o que diferente com dizer-se e dizer-lo? quando eu vou usar dizer-se(means tell her/it?)outro dizer-lo aindo mesmo significa (tell her/it?)
Jun 4, 2010 2:40 AM
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Consider a verb that has two objects, a person and a thing. When you use “-se” or “se” you are referring to the person (self) and when you use “-lo” you are referring to the thing. Ela vai dizer-se inocente ->; She is going to declare herself innocent. É necessário dizer o nome em latim, então ela vai dizê-lo -> it’s necessary to say the name in Latin, then she is going to say it (the name in Latin).
June 5, 2010
If I´d understood your question, let try to explain, "dizer-lo" it´s formal, and you will find this only in books, the usual form to say the same thing is "dizer a ele (tell him/her)" "dizer-me", like above, it´s a unusual form to say "me dizer (tell me)
June 4, 2010
Hi girl, and then very hard to explain how to use English for two terms. Especially for me, I speak very bad English and use the translator. Let's simplify and say it: The day to day not to this variation, these placements are only in writing. tell if this is misspelled, then it would tell you At the end when it applies to you and another person when talking to you. Exemlpo: He said = I said = -lo no final quando se aplicar a outra pessoa e -te quando se fala de você. Exemplo: Ele disse = Dizer-lhe Eu disse = dizer-te
June 4, 2010
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