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Let's play a word association game? have you ever played the word association game? Aim: to review vocabulary Procedure: The teacher starts the game by saying a word such as "Hotel." For example: Teacher: Hotel. Student A: Bed. Student B: Room. Student C: Service. Student D: Food. As you can see, any association is ok. If the student cannot answer (5-second limit), he or she must stand up. The last student seated is the winner. If the association is not obvious, the student is asked to explain the association. Let's begin? The key word is "birthday"I enjoyed and learnt from all the answers. Thank you all for participating. Yes, please keep it going and have fun! I will leave this open for 7 days. LOL. ok. Rawdah, Jennifer and Meow have got caught. (Kidding) I would like to start another game in a new question.
Jun 5, 2010 5:19 PM
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Oh god... Rawdah is back !!!! =p Yeah, you are right , what else we are going to bring to this birthday party? unless... It is a real birth day... birth time... agghhh HOSPITAL, BED, DOCTORS, MOTHER, FATHER... BAAAAABBBYYYY... (??)
June 6, 2010
A toast ... maybe =s cin-cin !!!
June 6, 2010
are we still playing? O.o
June 6, 2010
... BUT BUT BUT ... i won !!!! =s hahahahaha
June 5, 2010
you know what... THE PERSON WHO WAS BORN THAT DAY !!!! =p
June 5, 2010
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