Friendship between boy and girl. Can it be? i believe in such friendship but i know many examples when one of friends loved another and first didnt know about iti also believe in such friendship, but i know many examples when one of friends loved another and second didnt know about that.
Jun 6, 2010 7:26 AM
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of course..friendship happens in between two minds,not mattering whether a girl or boy..the thing is that they should be true to oneanother...
June 6, 2010
I think it can be trutn if a girl has a lot of male qualities, or vice versa; or they are simply acquaitances. from my own experience I can say that a man and a woman cannot be the best friends, because at least one of them still have it personal plans for another
June 6, 2010
Actually it's depended on the person him or herself ... till some times friendship bitween boys or girls themself get into probs ... but we should know what we need and what we expect from this frienship then can be good friends to be girls or boys no matter if you have your personality and clear mind !!!
June 6, 2010
certainty!if they dont treachery to other,why not?i think its good idea for you know what the girl like or what the boy like.
June 6, 2010
of course. why not? i actually have friends which are boys. try it some time :] just be friendly to those people who are kind and not perv ;) i assure you, if you're thinking that boys are not good well your outlook will be different. it actually depends on the personality of each and everyone and gender doesnt matter :)
June 6, 2010
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