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Does 浮现 actually mean come back as in my dictonary? If so whats the difference with 回来? Does 浮现 actually mean come back as in my dictonary? When I put it into an online dictonary instead I got the translation 'emerged' instead. which is correct? If i浮现 is come back whats the difference between 浮现 and 回来? Please can you show me some sentances using 浮现
Jun 7, 2010 7:26 AM
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emerge is right, 浮现means sth from your memory emerged . it has nothing to do with 回来. 回来 simply means coming back
June 7, 2010
浮现 is often used to describe something abstract that come into someone's sight or mind 回来 is just "come back" your dictionary is perfectly right but you have to understand it.
June 9, 2010
浮现is an abstract conception. It means something appear or recur in your mind or you. Sometimes I will use "occur" to express this meaning such as It occurred to me that...
June 8, 2010
emerge is most near to 浮现's meaning~ and I dont know where did you fing the meaning of 浮现 is come back...at least I dont know...
June 8, 2010
"浮現" is an abstract conception that means something to appear in your mind. For example: Everytime when I saw the kids playing in the park , my childhood's memory is going to appear in my eyes. 每當我看見孩子在公園裡玩耍時,我的兒時記憶就會福現在我的眼前.
June 8, 2010
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