How old do you think your language is? Indeed, but unfortunately there is no language called Chinese. But yes, I would say Mandarin is old. roi g, do you mean 900 B.C.?
Jun 7, 2010 8:00 AM
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Its Chinese. Of course there are languages which are older than Chinese but they are dead now. The only living, oldest language is Chinese that goes back to 1200 BC (Chinese Bronze Age).
June 8, 2010
hm, if we think logically, all languages are equally old ))) but they are changing so the question is - what language changed least of all ))) and as languages tend to change and modify themselves - we cannot say that the most unchanged languages are the most developed IMHO Chinese has many primitive features - and it doesn't help foreighers to study it )))
June 7, 2010
Why do you think there is not a language called 'Chinese'? You know the story of 'Mandarin' then? Based on what you think it's old enough?
June 7, 2010
As for Old Russian (= Eastern Slavonic), it developed from the old Slavonic maybe in 500-900 A.D. Modern Russian developed from Old Russian 500-200 yrs ago (along with emergence of Ukrainian and Belorussian) And it is not primitive :))) (I do not consider Chinese primitive - I just said it has primitive features)
June 7, 2010
our language was discover about in some times on 900 years. cowboy...
June 7, 2010
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