how to say hello in russian?
Jun 7, 2010 8:57 AM
Answers · 11
Nonofficial: Привет (Priviet) Приветик (common between girls) (Privetik) Здрасте (not polite in Official style) (Zdrastie) Caлют (Salut) Official: Добрый день (Good afternoon) доброе утро (Good morning) добрый вечер (Good evening)
June 7, 2010
formal tone - здравствуй! - здравствуйте! (more respectful, official) informal - привет!
June 7, 2010
Hello! --- Здра́вствуй! Hi! --- Приве́т! How do you do --- Здра́вствуйте! (It's polite form)
June 10, 2010
June 9, 2010
Nonofficial: Привет Здорово - among men Official: Здравствуйте Добрый день (доброе утро, добрый вечер)
June 7, 2010
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