Thank you. What nice. You are a handsome and smart too. You are very nice to talk to.
Jun 8, 2010 8:14 PM
Answers · 7
Thank you. Mucho Gracias :)
June 8, 2010
Thank you! You are very kind.
June 9, 2010
Hello, You are supposedly addressing someone. Here is a correction of your statement: " Thank you. How nice ( of you) . You are handsome and smart too and very nice to talk to."
June 9, 2010
yeah maybe its for every one,but i think its not for me. cowboy...
June 9, 2010
"Thank you, how nice. You are handsome and smart too... " Who are you talking to? I mean... is this for everybody? º_º
June 9, 2010
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