What do these two words mean? Ok someone told me voi was you plural in Italian. I thoght voi meant they/them. Would it be like vosotros in Spanish? And what does più mean? Does it mean more? Is it like màs in Spanish? Thanks!
Jun 8, 2010 8:45 PM
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"Voi" is plural "you", right they are. "They/them" in italian is "loro". "Più"means really "more" or "mas" if yuo like it in Spanish.
June 8, 2010
In Italian, "voi" is the subject pronoun (in nominative form) of plural "you" in English, equivalent to "vosotros" in Spanish. The conjunctive and disjunctive object pronouns (in accusative and dative forms) in Italian are "vi" and "voi" respectively, corresponding to "os" and "vosotros" in Spanish; while the possessive pronouns are "(il) vostro/(la) vostro//(i) vostri/(le) vostre", corresponding to "vuestro/vuestra//vuestros/vuestras" in Spanish. On the other hand, the plural form "they" in English is equivalent to "loro" in Italian and "ellos/ellas" in Spanish. If written in capital letter, "Loro" means the formal "you" in plural form in English and "Ustedes" in Spanish. In Italian, "più" is an adverb that means "more" in English and "más" in Spanish (Please kindly notice that it is the acute accent in "más" and the grave accent in "più"). Good day. / Buona giornata. / Que tengas buenos días.
June 15, 2010
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