what is the mening of " break-down " ?
Jun 10, 2010 7:47 PM
Answers · 2
A breakdown (without the dash) is a noun that has many meanings. Here are some I can think of: something that fails or doesn't work: a breakdown in a relationship; the breakdown of a machine; a breakdown in talks between two governments a point of mental exhaustion: an emotional breakdown; a mental breakdown an explanation of information, esp. numbers/statistics: a breakdown of the numbers shows .... a chemical change: the breakdown of a substance into smaller pieces or parts There are probably more than these meanings. "Broken-down" (with a dash) is an adjective: the broken-down house
June 10, 2010
break down مفيش بنهم شرطة بمعنى يتعطل مثلا my mic broke down . الميك بتاعى تعطل ايضا بمعنى ينهار i broke down when my friend died انا انهرت لما صديقى مات ايضا بمعنى ينفصل i broke down with my friend انا انفصلت عن صديقى ايضا بمعنى يندمر my car broke down in the accident سيارتى دمرت بالحادثة
June 10, 2010
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