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What are you languages for? What reason? Ooops I wrote wrong lol I mean, Why are you study language? thanks romulus! for helping me to see my weird mistake! lol
Jun 10, 2010 10:58 PM
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as of now i am learning spanish which we inherent most of their language.when they colonize our country.and to distinguish if the words we are using now is spanish or native tagalog. cowboy... romulus norem angk saing supnot sa kina.
June 11, 2010
hi, do you mean "why are you learning foreign language?" or "what is your purpose in learning foreign language?" ? well, I'm learning chinese primarily because I love to learn it. :)
June 11, 2010
Because I love them.
June 11, 2010
i want to get a better understanding of different cultures and i think that you can't really start to understand a culture if you don't know the language. only by learning another language you can get access to native literature and thought. reading ready made translation doesn't have the same effect because many things get lost in translation. there are theories stating that the way specifique languages are composed grammatically or the vocabulary of a language can tell a lot about the language's culture. and of course most importantly languages are the human medium for communication.
June 11, 2010
I learn foreigners language and culture .. Because i want to see the world and make more a friends with many kind of people with unique and special characters ..
June 11, 2010
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