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Learn Brazilian Portuguese With Me! :) Take a look on the first free lessons: 1 - Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese. http://www.italki.com/notebook/entry/4374.htm 2 - How to build a phrase in Portuguese language? http://www.italki.com/notebook/entry/4980.htm 3 - Building up your Portuguese phrases: affirmative, negative and interrogative. http://www.italki.com/notebook/entry/4981.htm 4 - Portuguese Personal Pronouns - Singular http://www.italki.com/notebook/entry/5777.htm *NOTE: I'd be glad if you could translate my notebook entries to your language (Spanish, German, Mandarin...) in order to make them more accessible for people who are not able to read in English language.
Jun 10, 2010 10:59 PM
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Hi. I honestly think that it would be a very good challenge to translate your written essays into various languages. I shall try my best to see if I can do so, provided that I have also such free time. :0 Take care, and a good day. / Fica bem, e que tenha um bom dia.
June 15, 2010
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