what can I do if I'm feeling sad?
Jun 11, 2010 10:19 AM
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cheers up! if your sad try to play some happy music it's not the end of the world! you can call friends just to make you bussy for a while,watch your favorite movie you can do lot of things girl. cowboy...
June 11, 2010
If you are feeling sad, then just take your time to be sad for a while. It is okay to be sad sometimes as long as the sadness doesn't last forever. I know "sad" isn't a wonderful feeling and nobody likes it. However life isn't just about being happy, sometimes it about being sad too. That's how things work. "Sadness" is a warning that tell us that something in our lives have gone wrong and we need to get that fixed. It also reminds us that "happiness" is precious and we need to appreciate it when are feeling happy. When I feel sad, I go to sleep early. Everything will be so much better when I wake up the next morning.
June 11, 2010
Why are you asking us? You need to discover the answer for yourself.
June 11, 2010
You still can do anything even when u feel sad ... Make a move ,find the reason why are u being sad ..it helps to find ur medicine ..... Meet with a new people ,its good to open ur eyes that what happened to its not the end of the world ... You can see all people around you, that behind sadness is always there happines .. Trust me .. Keep smiling my dear <3
June 11, 2010
The Great medicine for Sadness is Happiness....
June 11, 2010
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