how do you get over a fear or nervousness of speaking to a person in their own language? I have been studying spanish for 5 months and am always nervous to practice with people i see everyday for fear of messing up. i know its silly but it is a problem for me. i know we all mess up when learning, but i want to get it correct so bad i wont try for fear of getting it wrong.
Jun 12, 2010 1:53 AM
Answers · 3
One of the things you should try is to just do it. Force yourself to break that barrier, if you screw up it will be easier next time. You can't improve without failing first. It's what I do, before i used to be like that, both with my native language, english and japanese. Now I hop into it, if it's wrong then I'll get it right next time. Plus it's not a big deal. If you make a big deal out of it it will be a big deal ;]
June 16, 2010
messing up helps too, but only friends´help can get us ahead, i mean we need some guidance and encouragemet rhater than somebody picking on us, that was my fear at the very beginning, luckily i found some good help wich has paid off pretty good.what i´m saying is we have to make errors work to our advantage in order to learn everything by heart. ( if i typed incorrectly please e-mail me back)
June 16, 2010
You must create to Skype and talk with latin people and you loosing nervous!!! I always feel nervous, but you must try!!! you can finish talk spanish and write, I'm sure us may Good luck
June 12, 2010
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