English songs are more touchy and seem cool to hear than any other songs? Do you think so?
Jun 13, 2010 7:41 AM
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"Cool to hear" ... that is based on a belief ... "I like English" . That's why you find them pretty and if it's working to keep you focus on the language you are learning, well... good for you !!! I think english songs are not better than the rest of the songs in the world; fortunately, for tastes are made colours... or something like that. =p (Para gustos están hechos los colores)
June 14, 2010
I do know that for pop music in the US and UK, often formulas and techniques are followed to "guarantee" a hit. A potentially good original song is tweaked and restructured to appeal to a wider audience. There has been some fascinating psychological research on what makes a pop song successful, however reading it is a bit depressing. You realise how much creativity has been sacrificed for the sake of a few extra dollars. Boo. If you have the time, find and read "The Manual" by the KLF. It's part-satire, but it is a guide to having a number one hit in the UK... written in the 80's, after this musical act had deliberately done so. Their method has nothing to do with creativity (well, it says "number one hit", not "a great song"). I'm curious to know if any similar research or theory has been done in other countries? And then there's always the pop promotion machine, making people like an otherwise average song... ;)
June 13, 2010
Are you guys out of your mind? Have you ever heard Lebanon songs? Tunisia songs? Egypt songs? Ancient Chinese songs? They are beautiful and they are civilized. Not like some lousy English songs, just a mixture of sex and underwear-dancing and shouting, like bad romance. I mean English songs makes people feel good, like drug. I like classic western music and Broadway songs, their meaning is deep, not like today's shallow style.
June 13, 2010
Uhm ... Depends that singer and creator the lyrics of the song ...
June 13, 2010
I think english and spanish songs are like that. So far in the few chinese songs I've heard they sound pretty touchy and romantic
June 14, 2010
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