Is it a correct sentence?==> " His pursuing obsession was hurting and revenging me."
Jun 13, 2010 11:56 AM
Answers · 3
His lifelong / continued / continuing obsession was taking revenge on me. There's no need to use 'hurt' here because the word 'revenge' means 'hurt or punish somebody'...
June 14, 2010
That's a lot of "ing". One revenges oneself against, on or upon someone else. By saying "his pursuing obsession was hurting and revenging me", you've backflipped at the last moment. "Revenging me" means you don't receive the hurt, but someone else is hurt in return, to your advantage. How about: "his houndlike obsession was vengefully hurting me." I've cobbled 'hound-like" together to keep the image of pursuit, eg. hounds after a fox, or "to hound" someone.
June 14, 2010
Hi it would be better to write: " His obsession was pursuing, hurting and seeking revenge against me."
June 13, 2010
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